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Prenatal Wellness

Congratulations on embarking on this incredible journey of pregnancy and parenthood! While it may not always be easy, know that you are alone. You deserve to be seen and supported every step of the way, and we're here to help do just that. Let's make this journey one to remember!

Breathing Meditation
Child's Pose
Image by Juli Kosolapova
Doula at Home

Jenn experienced great fulfillment and connection providing prenatal massage to her clients, which inspired her to specialize in prenatal health. She is dedicated in promoting prenatal wellness and continuously seeks additional certifications and education to expand her knowledge. With this knowledge, she encourages a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy mind, body, and spirit. Jenn offers a range of tailored services, including Pregnancy Massage, Prenatal Yoga, and Birth Doula Services, to meet the unique needs of pregnant women as their bodies undergo transformation during pregnancy.

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