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Designed by a chiropractor, allowing for full coverage of the back, spine, lumbar area, arms, legs, hands knees, and elbows to relieve back tension and aches.


Store WonderPAX in the refrigerator indefinitely when in its liquid format until ready to use. The product remains soft and flexible at refrigerated temperatures, soothing the desired area within 5 minutes, without the harsh shock and pain experienced with ice or ice water treatments. 


WonderPAX is an instant, portable, & reusable warm gel pad. Flexing the small metal disk inside the pad creates a molecular reaction, causing the solution to reach 130°F(54°C). The heat quickly penetrates muscles and joints which helps to relieve aches and pains. During the reaction (from liquid to crystal form), energy is released in the form of heat. By boiling it in water the reaction is reversed so that the pad may be reused again and again.


•Reducing inflammation and swelling. 

•Promoting blood circulation and reducing issues such as tight muscles, spasms, and joint pain.

•Providing instant relief for injuries

WonderPAX warm and cool gel pads are ideal for use on the back, shoulder, hip, elbow, neck, wrist, or any part of the body where therapy is needed.

Note: Do not use your WonderPAX in the first few days after an injury, specifically while your injury has any swelling, as heat may increase blood flow and can worsen swelling of the injured area.

Please retain box for future reference.

Contents of gel: sodium acetate and water color.

Wonder Pax Resuable Hot/Cold Therapy Packs

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